Saturday, September 4, 2010

You're goona die soon

 We went on a trip to a look out point near out house the other day.  My husband and I were looking peacefully at the view while I was holding my baby, and the two boys were exploring a bit.  I noticed a friendly looking older man walking our way.  He was minding his own business, coming to enjoy the view.  Slowly, he came closer slightly hunched over with a cane in his hands to help him walk.  The top of his head was bald and he looked to me to be in his early 70's or so. 
The next thing I heard made my heart panic.  Gavyn, our 4 yr old, started yelling out in a sing song voice, "Old man, old man, soon your gonna die.  Old man, old man, soon your gonna die." 
I ran to Gavyn and told him to stop trying not to cause a scene and hoping that this poor man was as deaf as he was bald.  Travis must not have been paying attention because he did nothing. 
Gavyn just kept telling me in a voice way too loud for my comfort level, "But why mom?  Look, he is gonna die soon right?  Why?  Look mom, he's real old.  Isn't he gonna die?" 
I tried to explain that it isn't polite while ushering him away from the poor man.  It wasn't easy since I was holding our baby still and Travis was still clueless.  I finally got my husband's attention and we all got out of the area.  I am still wondering if this man actually heard us or not.  I pray that he didn't. 

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